Comprehensive Plan

Dallas Township’s Comprehensive Plan

   Dallas Township’s Comprehensive Plan was finalized in 2015. The full text version is available here:

   To facilitate this process, a committee was formed to address issues pertaining to topics and issues of importance to the future of Dallas Township. Committee members are: Dallas Township Supervisor Liz Martin (Recording Secretary), Dallas Township Planning Commission Chairman Jack Dodson (Chairman), Planning Commissioners Bob Besecker and Dan Jones, and Dallas Township Engineer Representative Tom Doughton. The process will be facilitated by Planning Consultant Jack Varaly.

The AD HOC Committee members were: Dr. Al and Mary Rodriguez, Diane Dreier, Norm Tomchak, Judy Rice, and Carl Kaschenbach. Dallas Township thanks them for their community service.

The Dallas Townhship Comprehensive Plan was formally adopted on Tuesday, January 20, 2015 during a meeting of the Board of Supervisors, by a unanimous vote. A copy of the completed plan is available for viewing in the Township office.

2010 Census Data:

A significant portion of the Census Data that will be included into the Comprehensive Plan will be based upon estimates
from the American Community Survey, which is an on-going activity of the Census Bureau.

Census Data American Community Survey

Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics



Dallas Township Map (with street identification):