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Tax Collector

Tax Collector, Holly Daubert, collects taxes at the Dallas Township Municipal Building located at 105 Lt. Michael Cleary Dr, Dallas, PA.

County/Municipal Taxes are mailed out in February of each year, while School Taxes are mailed out in July. Not receiving your tax bills does not excuse you from paying your taxes that are due. It is the responsibility of the property owner to insure that your taxes are paid.

On tax bills certain days that Ms. Daubert will not be in the office; likewise, special days that she will be in the office are also listed.

If you have any questions regarding your taxes, Ms. Daubert can be reached at (570) 674-2000 ext. 101 or online at

2019 taxes have been collected. If you would like to pay 2019 County, Municipal or School taxes. Contact Northeast Revenue at 570-825-1512

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