Township Ordinances, Documents & Forms

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Dallas Township E-Code access:
Dallas Township eCode Access
(Dallas Township utilizes eCode for on-line access to all Township ordinances. Click below for access.)

Zoning and Planning Ordinance & Documents:
Dallas Township Zoning Ordinance
Subdivision Land Development Application
Subdivision & Land Development Fee Schedule
SALDO Checklist
Building Permit Application
811 Homeowner Brochure

Rental Inspection Ordinance:
Dallas Township Rental Ordinance

Dallas Township Storm Water Management Ordinance:
Storm Water Application Oct 2017

Luzerne County Stormwater Management:
Luzerne County Stormwater Management Plan
(Luzerne County Act 167 Phase II Stormwater Management Plan, which includes all required maps necessary to prepare water maintenance plans.)

Cul-de-sac illustration:
Cul De Sac Construction Design
(This is a description of cul-de-sac appendix (Section 813.3)

Dallas Township Pave Cut Ordinance:
Pave Cut Ordinance
Pave Cut Permit 2018

Dallas Township Street Dedication Takeover:
Procedure for Dedication and Take Over of Road and Streets 2011

Comprehensive Plan:
Comprehensive Plan 2015

Census Data:
Census Data American Community Survey
Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics
Selected Economic Characteristics
Selected Housing Characteristics